Studies have indicated that easily 85% of all tire puncture repairs are performed improperly. A large percentage of those injuries that were not properly prepared were due to not inspecting or preparing the inner liner of the tire and not filling the injury void with an uncured rubber stem, which is chemically vulcanized.

TECH’s Uni-Seal Ultra Stems are designed to precisely fill a properly prepared injury ensuring it becomes a permanent part of the tire tread. Uni-Seal Ultras are an essential component of any two-piece puncture repair.

Failure to perform a repair properly puts the injury at risk for moisture getting in. Moisture in a tire injury creates rust or damage to the belt package inside the tire casing. Moisture intrusion is one of the leading causes of catastrophic tire failures.

Keep your family, customers, employees and equipment safe by ensuring that every two-piece repair is filled with a TECH Uni-Seal Ultra Stem. Get more information about our Uni-Seal Ultra Stem.

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