Course Descriptions


Automotive Tyre Dealer Seminar

This two-day seminar is designed specifically for automotive technicians with the focus on passenger tyre service. TECH stresses the importance of proper repair procedures for standard passenger, high performance and run flat tyres. The second portion of the seminar includes the Tyre Industry Association (TIA) Basic ATS program. Basic ATS meets the need for documented training of new and experienced automotive technicians. This section includes basic principles of tyres and wheels,mounting and demounting using center post and rim clamp machines, balancing, using a lift, and proper torque procedures. An additional course has been added to cover servicing tyres with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. Students who meet TECH’s Hands-on requirements and pass the written exam will receive the TECH Authorised Nail Hole Certificate.



Sales Seminar for Tech ITDs and Distributors


The three-day Sales Seminar covers the construction and repair of speed rated tyres, how to sell and demonstrate Uni-Seals, Radial-Seals, and Two-Piece repair method. The many uses of the 2-Way inflator and competitive product comparisons are covered. We utilise the expertise of Regional Sales Managers to provide tips on growing your territory, managing your business, effective communicating and secrets of successful selling. Every class is different because we tailor the training to the experience level of each group.


Commercial and Agri Tyre Repair Seminar

This two-day seminar covers the proper repair of passenger, light, medium, and heavy truck tyres, and agricultural tyres. Over the course of these two days, the participants will learn about tube repairs, Permacure and Flow Seal inserts, and proper nail hole repair methods in passenger through heavy truck tyres. Additional larger repairs in Truck and Agricultural tyres will be explained and demonstrated. All students are required to complete hands-on demonstrations and a written exam. Students who meet TECH’s hands-on requirements and pass the written exam will receive the TECH Authorised Nailhole Repair Technician certificate.



Tyre Industry Association (TIA) Commercial Tyre Service (CTS) Technician Certification

Two-day TIA Commercial Tyre Service Technician Certification – Join over 9,000 TIA Certified Technicians that are recognized as true professionals in the industry. The first day of this course covers tyre construction, tyre inspection, proper repair procedures with hands-on training. Day two includes OSHA Standard CFR 1910.177, multi-piece rim matching, zipper ruptures, road service guidelines, wheel service, mounting, demounting and inflation. Attending technicians will be required to take the TIA Commercial Tyre Service Technician exam. Those who pass will receive TECH’s Authorized Nail Hole Repair Technician Certificate and arm patches, as well as a certification from TIA as a Certified Commercial Service Technician. Certified CTS Technicians along with the tyre dealership they represent will be listed on the internet in the TIA Certified Tire Service Directory. There is one requirement for the CTS training from TIA. All participants must have one year of tyre experience.


Off-The-Road Tyre Section Repair Seminar

The three-day OTR Section Repair Seminar covers tyre construction, tyre inspection and the section repair of bias and radial Off-The-Road tyres. In this seminar we also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different curing systems available and how to use these systems.