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TECH Sales Manager Olly Shortland recently accompanied our distributor, TechPlus Ltd., to Cavan in Ireland to meet with their retread customer, Eco Tyre Tread Solutions, for a training day.

Olly was joined by hugh brady, (Managing Director, TechPlus), as he demonstrated the TECH Tire Repair process in line with ECE 108/109 standards for major repairs on truck tires.

The training covered all aspects of the repair process including initial inspection, shearography and nail hole detection, followed by the removal of foreign objects and the skiving process for external damage as well as machine buffing of the tread and shoulder areas.

TECH is proud to work with distributors like TechPlus who foster close relationships with companies including Eco Tyre Tread Solutions who remain committed to ensuring safe and proper tire repair practices are followed.Thank you to Hugh Brady and the Eco Tyre Tread Solutions team for a great day!

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