We are pleased to share that we have extended the initial software subscription for the VT56 – ATEQ’s all-in-one TPMS and tire management tool – to three years from one. Users will, therefore, have access to regular software updates for two extra years at no extra cost.

This subscription extension will hugely benefit workshops because, besides new features, software updates provide more coverage – increasing the number of vehicles technicians can service.

The ATEQ VT56 with OBDII module is a fully updateable, universal TPMS activation and scan tool, designed to investigate and store sensor data, and allows this data to be transferred to the vehicle via the OBDII socket. The VT56 has been designed for ease of use, featuring a 4.3 inch full-colour icon-driven display and 8 soft-keys to easily navigate through the menus.

Included within the software is a comprehensive database of European, American, and Korean vehicles, part numbers, relearn procedures, OBDII locations, a key fob RF tester, help screens and a complete history log of all vehicles serviced, which can be easily recalled at any point from the History menu.

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch via email to speak with our team.