It has been a year of exciting new product developments for Tech TPMS, with the launch of the T-Pro1™ in January and the TECH OE-R sensor and ATEQ VT36 diagnostic tool at the Reifen exhibition in May, and this is set to continue in the autumn with the addition of Hamaton H36 and H46 diagnostic tools into the programme. 

The T-Pro1&2™  boast combined coverage of over 90% of direct-TPMS enabled vehicles, are built with the seven-year Maxell battery, the latest NXP chipset and a new lighter, stronger housing.  Configuration time is now a market-leading 4-7 seconds.  It can be configured using ATEQ, Hamaton, Tecnomotor, Texa, Snap-On and BrainBee diagnostic tools and comes with a 3 year (40000km) sensor warranty.

The TECH OE-R sensor offers a direct replacement for OE sensors and offers users a cost-effective, efficient solution which requires no additional programming.  The TECH OE-R sensor can simply be fitted, the relearn procedure applied, and then is fully functional.  It fits all alloy wheels, is equipped with the latest NXP chipset and seven-year Maxell battery and comes with a 3 year (40000km) sensor warranty.

The Hamaton H36 is the ideal starter diagnostic tool.  Low cost, robust and easy-to-use, it configures the T-Prosensor in seconds, reads all OE sensors, and can be upgraded to programme all other universal aftermarket sensors.  The H46 offers additional functionality by providing indirect, manual, and auto-relearn procedure information, as well as optional OBDII module and tyre tread depth gauge. Both tools come with free updates for 5 years (pre-upgrade) and a 2 year warranty.

Tech is committed to providing customers with the complete TPMS solution and the addition of these new products will offer garages and tyrebays across Europe more choice and more flexibility to deal with the diverse demands of the TPMS marketplace.

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TECH TPMS, the complete solution.