Exciting news at Tech Europe as we introduce you to our new T-Pro Hybrid Sensor, the latest addition to our continually advancing TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) product portfolio. Introducing several new and upgraded features, our T-Pro Hybrid is the next generation in universal sensor technology.

Incorporating protocols from our previous T-Pro 1 and 2 sensors, the advanced T-Pro Hybrid provides coverage of over 90% of direct TPMS enabled vehicles, including new vehicles for the 2017 market. Additional features include an integrated memory chip which stores complete and self-contained protocols, allowing limitless protocol additions for the future as new vehicles and sensors come to market.

The T-Pro Hybrid is compatible with multiple diagnostic tools including ATEQ, Hamaton, Tecnomotor, Texa, Snap-On and BrainBee. Improvements to the relearn process on vehicles have also been incorporated, as a result of an upgrade to the auto-location functionality for LOS, WAL and PAL. Additionally, the T-Pro Hybrid has a new automatic protocol lock functionality, preventing interference and erroneous configuration, meaning that the sensor can be easily unlocked to allow re-configuration as necessary. The sensor is designed for optimum compatibility with OE and aftermarket wheels, with a dual valve case which allows for independent replacement of the valve stem and the ability to exchange between metal and rubber valves. The Clamp-In valve is also equipped with an alloy wheel protector, preventing the alloy wheel from damage during installation.

Check out our dedicated TPMS website here or contact info@techeurope.co.uk for further information.