Over 1 billion tires have been repaired using TECH products worldwide. To ensure safety, they undergo a rigorous manufacturing process to adhere to industry standards including ECE 108/109 and BS AU 159. However, TECH believes that a key element of proper tire repair is more than solely utilising high-quality TECH tire repair products. Equally important is the knowledge and skill required to perform a safe and durable repair, that’s why TECH developed an extensive range of training courses, combining both classroom and hands-on training.

TECH training courses teach the correct and safest methods to repair all types of tires from passenger to OTR tires. They cover all elements from inspection to cleaning, knowledge of the repairable areas of the tire, preparation, selection of the appropriate repair and technique as well as how to use the various specialty TECH tools and required chemicals.

Did you know? The safest way to properly repair a tire is to remove it from the wheel, as this process allows for a thorough inspection of the tire to review signs of inner liner damage. Once the tire is off the wheel, not only can a thorough inspection of the injury including location and angle be performed, the tire can also be cleaned properly. #TECHTip.

TECH Europe is proud to work with a dedicated distributor network throughout EMEA who promote and train their customers in adhering to safe tire repair practices.

“We train not only our distributors but also their own customers. TECH Training programs, which are certified by Goodyear and Bandag, are centered around our aim to ‘Teach Each Customer How,’ so that TECH customers are also able to deliver superior training and support to their own end-users and in turn, promote the value of safe and certified tire repair procedures” says Tim Verhaeghe, General Manager of TECH Europe.

TECH urges all road users to be vigilant when checking their tires and to consult a trained tire repair professional immediately if tires are worn, bald, flat or bulging, due to the many dangers this introduces to not only the driver but all road users.

To learn more about the TECH product portfolio, please click here or to be put in touch with your local TECH distributor, please email techeurope@trc4r.com.