Correct tyre care and maintenance is critical to ensure safety for every vehicle on the road. TyreSafe’s latest campaign for this year’s Tyre Safety Month encourages drivers to get into the routine of checking their tyres at least once per month. In support of this, our latest article delves into some of the key factors involved in repairing tyres correctly in order to ensure they are safe for all road users and the environment.

With over a billion tyres repaired around the world using TECH products, our 80+ years of experience has enabled us to build an extensive product portfolio with expertly manufactured repairs available for a multitude of vehicle applications and injury severity.

To ensure quality and conformity, TECH products are regularly audited by the world’s leading tyre manufacturers to ensure they are in adherence to the highest quality and testing standards. With products meeting industry standards including BS AU 159g and ECE 108/109, TECH provides customers with that:


  • Last much longer than the life of a tyre
  • Meet and exceed all international repair standards
  • Are tested 5 times more than a new tyre
  • Are approved by the world’s leading tyre manufacturers and retread companies

Beyond this, TECH believes that a key element of proper tyre repair is more than solely utilising high-quality TECH tyre repair products. Equally important is the knowledge and skill required to perform a safe and durable repair. The TECH training centre, which offers a comprehensive training curriculum combining both classroom and practical training, teaches the correct and safest methods to properly repair tyres. TECH urges all road users to be vigilant when checking their tyres and to consult a tyre repair professional immediately if tyres are worn, bald, flat or bulging, due to the many dangers this introduces to not only the driver but all road users.

TECH training courses explain how the safest way to properly repair a tyre is to remove it from the wheel, as this process allows for a thorough inspection of the tyre to review signs of inner liner damage. Once the tyre is off the wheel, not only can a thorough inspection of the injury including location and angle be performed, the process of proper tyre repair requires cleaning and preparing the inner liner to accept a patch with a cured rubber stem through the tread.

The TECH training centre offers courses for all types of tyres, covering all areas of repair from inspection to cleaning, knowledge of the repairable areas of the tyre, preparation, selection of the appropriate repair and technique as well as how to use the various specialty TECH tools and required chemicals to ensure a safe tyre repair. To view our training courses, please click here.

To learn more about TyreSafe and join in on the campaign to support Tyre Safety Month, please click here.