When TRC and its companies think about tyre repair and sustainability, we think big. But when we added up the annual number of tyres repaired around the globe, even we were surprised at the impact.

As a world leader in tyre repair, we added up every individual tyre repair unit sold last year and used some external data sources such as the British Petroleum Statistical review of world energy and the United States Environmental Protection Agency data to put the volume in context. This produced some significant findings.

If each TRC tire repair unit repaired a tyre and therefore prevented the need for a replacement tyre to be produced:

  • More oil would be saved than is consumed globally for 6 hours
  • If placed tread to tread, the repaired tyres would circle the earth’s equator twice

This makes us proud to contribute to a more sustainable world. Helping our customers extend the usable life of their assets is what TRC is all about.

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