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It’s National Tire Safety Week from 18th-24th May 2020, sponsored by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association! Stay tuned as we’ll be joining our colleagues in the USA to share important tire safety tips.

TECH Tip #1
A well-maintained vehicle is safer, lasts longer, retains more of its resale value, and produces less pollution. So regular services are important, not forgetting the tires which can be the most expensive wear item on a vehicle. Be sure to go to a professional who uses TECH’s complete line of tire & wheel service products.

To ensure quality and conformity, TECH products are regularly audited by the world’s leading tire manufacturers to ensure they are in adherence to the highest quality and testing standards. With products meeting industry standards including BS AU 159 and ECE 108/109, TECH provides customers with that:


  • Last much longer than the life of a tire
  • Are tested 5 times more than a new tire
  • Are approved by the world’s leading tire

 For example, TECH’s Uni-Seal Ultra range of one-piece combination repair units provide a simple, quick, and safe method to properly repair both radial and bias tires. Tires repaired with TECH’s Uni-Seal repairs are permanently filled by the stem and strengthened by a thick, non-fabric-reinforced rubber cap.

The stem and cap of the repair are then sealed and vulcanized to the tire with TECH’s own thick chemical cushion gum. TECH Uni-Seal Repairs are available with grey cushion gum for chemical cure applications or with Thermacure gum for heat cure applications.

Additionally, the TECH Uni-Seal Ultra Max range has been expertly manufactured to repair 10mm and 13mm prepared injuries on commercial truck, agricultural, industrial and small OTR tires. With updated design innovations and unique reinforcement, as well as advanced rubber compounding and construction, TECH Uni-Seal Max repairs are produced with multi-layer cross-weave reinforcement for radial or bias tires and a lead wire moulded in the stem for quick installation, introducing cost saving benefits. TECH provides all the required chemicals and tools that technicians need for expert repairs.

TECH’s global distributor network is dedicated to promoting methods of safe and effective tire repair in their regions. To be put in touch with your local distributor or to learn more about the TECH product portfolio, please email [email protected].

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