Proper tyre repair products and techniques are vital to ensure safety on the roads and prevent accidents. At Tech Europe, we are dedicated to promoting safe and effective tyre repair techniques, and place a very high importance on offering various forms of field training, recognising the fact that properly trained technicians not only help promote tyre safety but also help increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Our VP of Sales & Training, Walter van Loon, recently travelled to the Kal Tire Kitwe branch in Zambia and met 12 technicians as well as their Commercial Manager, Simon Frazer and Conveyor Belt Manager, Klaus Freund. As part of the training course, the Kal Tire – Kitwe – Zambia team were introduced to the TECH Thermacure product range and completed both the TECH theoretical & practical training programme in OTR and truck tyre repairs in line with industry standards. The training course concluded with Walter proudly presenting the attendees with individual ‘Tyre Specialist’ training certificates.

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