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TECH Europe’s VP of Sales & Training, Walter van Loon and Technical Trainer, Volodymyr Bagdasaryan, spent some time in St. Petersburg recently with our distributor, TECH-Russia (Dukon) to provide a training seminar focusing on truck tire repairs and TPMS. Taking place over two and a half days, Walter & Volodymyr were pleased to join Mr. Arkady Korshunov, Sales Manager at TECH-Russia (Dukon), who gathered around 50 customers from over 30 companies including private tire wholesalers, repair shops and transport companies.

TECH Europe’s Technical Trainer,
Volodymyr Bagdasaryan

During all TECH courses, our trainers incorporate a balance of both classroom and practical training to ensure all attendees witness TECH’s leading tire repair materials in action along with in-depth instructions and useful tips. Demonstrating the strength and durability of TECH’s Centech Radial repairs, Volodymyr explained how the patches, which are available for both chemical and heat cure application processes, have been expertly manufactured to repair the crown, shoulder or sidewall of all types and sizes of radial tires including truck. The repair units are fabric reinforced with high quality cushion gum which permanently vulcanizes to the tire and coupled with TECH’s repair stems, chemicals and tools, provide a permanent repair lasting the life of the tire.

What’s more, for larger repairs, TECH’s Centech repair units are reinforced with Aramid cord for maximum strength. The repairs are very flexible resulting in easy installation, minimising the chances of trapped air as well as restoring the strength of the tire with little resistance to its flex characteristics.

We are also pleased to announce that we have extended our collaboration with TECH-Russia (Dukon) to now include TECH’s extensive TPMS product offering. Working in partnership with Auto Service Technologies, TECH-Russia (Dukon), will now offer TECH’s leading TPMS product lines throughout Russia. Our extensive TPMS product range includes:

  • A full range of OE sensors, valves, service kits, workshop and diagnostic tools
  • T-PRO Hybrid 3.5 Sensors now available with a Graphite Clamp-In Valve
  • New H47 Diagnostic Tool
  • Supportive website with an extensive vehicle look-up function

To learn more about TECH-Russia (Dukon), please click here to visit their website.

TECH Tire Repairs
TECH tire repairs embody over 80 years of innovation, expertise, safety and customer confidence. With global manufacturing and distribution in 96 countries including our Training and Distribution Centre of Excellence in Belgium, TECH produced repairs are endorsed by the world’s largest tire manufacturers and have repaired billions of tires around the world with every repair guaranteed for the life of the tire! TECH Tire Repairs also include an array of products for Bias tire repairs. Please click here to view our products or download or catalogue here.

Pictured L-R: Arkady Korshunov, TECH-Russia (Dukon) & Walter van Loon, TECH Europe

TECH Europe’s Technical Trainer,
Volodymyr Bagdasaryan