TECH’s latest training session brought our team to Germany to meet with Reifen Günther. Joining our VP of Sales & Training, Walter van Loon & Technical Trainer, Volodymyr Bagdasaryan, was TECH Europe’s Sales Manager, Stefano Tasselli.

Our team met with 8 of Reifen Günther’s technicians who work across the company’s 28 tire mounting locations as well as their dedicated retreading facility. As with all TECH training events, our team delivered both theoretical & practical demonstrations of TECH products including our line of Thermacure repairs units. Earlier this year, Reifen Günther had began to utilise TECH Thermacure so it was great to meet with them to fully delve into the numerous applications and technical aspects of our products.

TECH Training Reifen Günther (6)

TECH Europe Sales Manager, Stefano Tasselli

About TECH Thermacure:
TECH Thermacure Repairs are fabric reinforced with thick cushion gum which vulcanizes to the tire in hot or cold applications – ideal for use in retreading as well as section repairs.

Following the theoretical training and product demonstrations, it was time for the Reifen Günther technicians to perform the repairs and our team remained available for guidance and product application tips. This included everything from tire inspection to pre-cleaning, study of repairable areas, preparation, selection of the appropriate repair and technique as well as how to use TECH chemicals and speciality tools for proper tire repair and retread.

Thank you to Reifen Günther for a warm welcome and a great training session! Be sure to check out our photos below and click here to learn more about Reifen Günther.

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TECH Training Reifen Günther

Reifen Günther technicians used TECH Temvulc during the training

Our Technical Trainer, Volodymyr performs a product demonstration

TECH Training Reifen Günther (1)

The Reifen Günther team with our Technical Trainer, Volodymyr and Sales Manager, Stefano.