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TECH’s VP of Sales & Training, Walter van Loon & Technical Trainer, Volodymyr Bagdasaryan visited Tech Hungary to meet with the new Management and conduct a detailed Tech/ Pang & TPMS product Training.

The Tech/ Pang Sales training is essential for Sales Managers who interact with customers, whether it is in person, over the phone, or online. The training should include effective sales techniques, objection handling, and customer service skills. Our training also provides our Distributors with a clear understanding of the Sales process, from prospecting to closing a sale.

Overall, our successful training programs, product training, and sales training are critical for our businesses to achieve our goals and remain competitive in the EMEA market.

As with all TECH training events, we delivered both theoretical & practical demonstrations of TECH’s Permacure & One-Piece Uni-Seal Repairs as well as our extensive range of radial repairs. Demonstrating the strength and durability of TECH’s & Pang Radial Repairs, We explained how the repairs, which are available for both chemical and heat cure application processes, have been expertly manufactured to repair the crown, shoulder or sidewall of all types and sizes of radial tires. The repair units are fabric reinforced with high quality cushion gum which permanently vulcanizes to the tire and coupled with TECH’s repair stems, chemicals, and tools, provide a permanent repair lasting the life of the tire.

In addition to the TRM Training we presented also our popular TPMS program. We introduced the full range of new ATEQ and Hamaton Dianostic Tools including ( VT67, VT57,VT37,H57,H46 and H36 ), full range of OE-R and T-Pro 3.5 and NFC enabled sensors.

A successful training program should be well-designed, organized, and delivered in a way that engages and motivates the participants. The training should be based on the specific needs of the participants and the business objectives. The program should also include evaluation methods to measure the effectiveness of the training, such as assessments, surveys, and performance metrics.


Product training is crucial for our Distributors and end-user customers, to understand the features and benefits of the products we are selling. It covers all aspects of the product, including technical specifications, customer benefits, and unique selling points. It provides real-world scenarios that demonstrate how the product can solve customer problems or improve their experience. Additionally, the training includes hands-on activities and opportunities for employees to ask questions and provide feedback. 


We welcome the new Tech Hungary Team!!!

From left to right  Istvan Varnay (Previous Owner), László Bősz (Partner),  János Kozma (Sales Manager), Sándor Horváth (Owner & MD)

We hereby extend special Thanks to Istvan Varnay as previous owner of Tech Hungary. His loyalty to Tech Europe BV is truly impressive and a testament to his strong work ethic and professionalism. A + 30 years of service is a remarkable achievement and deserves recognition and appreciation. Thank you for your hard work and contribution to our company’s success, and for being an inspiration to others in our industry. Istvan will continue to work as a consultant for the new Management and will be present to help in the successful transition of stock, existing customers, and assist in all kinds of commercial / technical projects.

Whole Tech Hungary Team in front of their Office Warehouse, address 7013 Cece, Àrpád Ut Ca 40, Hungary.

(Whole Tech Hungary Team in front of their Office Warehouse, address 7013 Cece, Àrpád Ut Ca 40, Hungary)

TECH Hungary is currently updating their website to reflect the latest products from TECH TPMS. Keep an eye on their website to learn more: techhungary.hu or to be put in touch with your local TECH distributor, please email [email protected].

TECH Europe Marketing Team 21/4/2023