As a global company spanning 7 manufacturing and distribution bases across all continents, product development remains a core focus of the TECH brand to provide customers with industry leading products of the highest standard.

With a continually advancing product portfolio, TECH is excited to introduce the latest addition, the NEW All-Cycle Tube Repair Kit! This compact kit is the perfect fit for cyclists, offering a quick and efficient solution for tube repair. Available in cartons of 10, the kit contains the essentials required to undertake roadside tube repairs, including the most in-demand patch sizes, ensuring cyclists can get back on the road within minutes.

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TCR1 TECH All-Cycle Tube Repair Kit
Cat No: 32-10-300

Rubber cement         x1       12ml
Small oval patch       x2       34x25m
Small round patch    x2       Dia 25mm
Large oval patch       x1       48x34mm
Steel buffer               x1       Dia 31mm