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TECH’s latest training session took our VP of Sales & Training, Walter van Loon, to Tanzania to meet with our new partner, Superdoll. Walter was delighted to meet the Superdoll team including COO, Sridhar Nagarajan, Procurement Managers Yazdaan Sherally and Ayman Bayesir and Technical Managers, Godfrey and Adam.

Two days of this visit focused solely on TECH training to cover our extensive product portfolio and as with all TECH training events, Walter delivered both theoretical & practical demonstrations repairs for both passenger and truck tires along with overviews of our agricultural and OTR repair materials. The demonstrations kicked off with an introduction to our 2-Way Tube Repairs, Permacure Repairs and One-Piece Uni-Seal Ultra Repairs (pin-plug). Additionally, Walter toured Superdoll’s Marangoni certified truck tire retread factory which has an impressive capacity of 15,000+ retreads per year.

Superdoll tech training


 Did you know?…

TECH Training courses cover all elements from tire inspection to cleaning, knowledge of the repairable areas of the tire, preparation, selection of the appropriate repair and technique as well as how to use the various specialty TECH tools and required chemicals.

Moving to truck tire repairs, Walter provided an in-depth analysis of soft and hard-gum Radial & Cross Ply repair technology with TECH’s Centech Radial Repairs and BP Bias Cross-Ply Repairs. Demonstrating the strength and durability of TECH’s Radial Repairs, Walter explained how the patches, which are available for both chemical and heat cure application processes, have been expertly manufactured to repair the crown, shoulder or sidewall of all types and sizes of radial tires. The repair units are fabric reinforced with high quality cushion gum which permanently vulcanizes to the tire and coupled with TECH’s repair stems, chemicals, and tools, provide a permanent repair lasting the life of the tire.

Day 2 began with a comprehensive analysis of agricultural and OTR tire repair materials with TECH’s Aramid-Reinforced repairs and TOR Cross-Ply repairs. Walter shared TECH’s helpful repair charts which helpfully identify maximum size injuries and appropriate repair units. With TECH’s commitment to ensuring tire safety, the training seminar also introduced our popular TPMS programme, our chemical-free tire paste as well as our complete retreading portfolio which boasts Extruder Guns, Bead Breakers and every tool a retreader needs! To wrap up the session, Walter proudly presented the ’TECH Tire Repair Specialist’ certificate which is valid for one year; we look forward to our next visit!

TECH Europe is proud to work with a dedicated network throughout EMEA who promote and train their customers in adhering to safe tire repair practices. Speaking about the visit, Walter commented;

“I would like to thank the Superdoll team for the warm hospitality during this recent visit. I was thoroughly impressed by the exceptional technical expertise demonstrated by your managers, Godfrey and Adam, as well as the open and engaging product discussions among the entire team.”

If you’d like to learn more or be put in touch with a TECH partner in your area, please send us an email to [email protected].


About TECH Training

TECH believes the key to proper tire repair goes beyond having high quality TECH tire repair products as the knowledge and skill to perform the repair is equally as important – and plays a vital role in ensuring safety on the roads. This is in line with the TECH promise of ‘Teach Each Customer How’ so all attendees are fully equipped and skilled to train their own customers and as a result, promote the value of proper tire repair training in their market.

About Superdoll

Based in Tanzania mainland which comprises 25 regions, Superdoll currently work with 15 independent dealers across 21 regions and direct sales in 4 regions. In addition to 3 passenger and truck tire service shops based in Dar-Es-Salaam, Superdoll operates an additional 4 service shops in various other cities.