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TECH’s VP of Sales & Training Walter van Loon arranged a Pang product seminar on 1 and 2 September 2022. This time, for our newly appointed Pang Distributor, BIRLAS in TURKEY.

The two-day training session was broken down by passenger/Truck repair training on day one, followed by a detailed TPMS introduction. As with all PANG training events includes introduction for repair products such as On-The-Wheel repairs, Tube repairs, One-Piece Uni-Seal Repairs as well as the extensive range of PANG MCX & MSX radial repairs.

“I was pleased to meet with BIRLAS MD Mr. SERDAR DEMIRDAG and Marketing Manager Mrs. IMREN YIĞIT, along with +25 valued BIRLAS customers,” said Walter.

Demonstrating the strength and durability of PANG’s Radial Repairs, Walter explained how the patches, which are available for both chemical and heat cure application processes, have been expertly manufactured to repair the crown, shoulder or sidewall of all types and sizes of radial tires. The repair units are fabric reinforced with high quality cushion gum which permanently vulcanizes to the tire and coupled with PANG’s repair stems, Chemicals, and Tools, provide a permanent repair lasting the life of the tire. 

If you’d like to learn more about BIRLAS, please check this website. You can also see https://www.birlasshop.com/lastik-tamir-montaj-malzemeleri

At Tech Europe we believe the key to proper tire repair goes beyond having high quality PANG tire repair products as the knowledge and skill to perform the repair is equally as important – and plays a vital role in ensuring safety on the roads. This is in line with the TECH/PANG promise of ‘Teach Each Customer How’ so all attendees are fully equipped and skilled to train their own customers and as a result, promote the value of proper tire repair training in their market.

TECH Europe is proud to work with a dedicated distributor network throughout EMEA who promote and train their customers in adhering to safe tire repair practices. We would like to thank our valued new partner, BIRLAS on organizing such a beneficial and successful event.

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