TECH Europe is excited to announce that our forthcoming universal sensor will boast Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology.

NFC allows two forms of technology to exchange data when in proximity, for example, making contactless payments with your debit card or smartphone. With an NFC enabled Android device, users will be able to quickly configure/program the next-generation TECH sensor via a free, user-friendly app, coming soon to Google Play.

The Benefits:
  • Configure/program a sensor or a group of sensors consecutively with just a tap and avoid interfering with others in the vicinity.
  • The user-friendly app notifies the user if a sensor has been processed and records how many were configured/programmed – ideal for large volumes.
  • Save money on licence subscriptions – all app updates will be free-of-charge.
  • Keep training to a minimum – most people already have a good understanding of smartphone functions.

The T-Pro Hybrid NFC will be configurable and programmable and have four valve stem options, including a Graphite Clamp-In, which perfectly matches the alloy wheels finish.

Make sure to check back soon for further details in the upcoming months or to speak to our team, please email

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