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TECH’s latest training session brought our team to Germany to meet with Rula BRW GMBH – Goodyear Certified Retread shop – at their impressive factory in Berlin.

( https://www.rula-brw.de/PublishedFiles/BER_Imagebroschuere_2020_web.pdf ).

Joining our VP of Sales & Training, Walter van Loon were our German Distributor Thomas Röper (Röper GMBH: https://www.roeper-gmbh.de/ ) and Technical Trainer Volodymyr Bagdasaryan.



Our team met with 8 BRW technicians to conduct a 1- day Practical Training/Audit, explaining about Goodyear/Tech Repair Specifications.

Rula-BRW works already many years with Goodyear labeled repairs.

Note that our Goodyear repairs are designed with our high technology “Thermacure” cushion gum.

Preview and download the Goodyear Repair Catalogue by clicking the picture beside or click this link.





 A tire repair training program in a retread factory should combine theoretical and practical aspects of repairing tires. It should provide an overview of the different types of tire damage, the repair process, and the materials and tools required for tire repair.

We involved hands-on experience with tire repair equipment and materials. This includes determination of the correct repair for certain injuries in shoulder and tread area of the truck tires, training on tire buffing tools, skiving and other tools used in the tire repair process. Trainees should also learn about the various types of tire repair materials, including Goodyear/Tech patching repairs and vulcanizing adhesives.

The following is an outline of a theoretical/practical tire repair training program for a Goodyear Certified retread factory:

  • Introduction to GY tire repairs:An overview of the tire repair process, including the types of damage that can be repaired and the different methods ofrepair.
  • Explain the GY/Tech repair chart.
  • Tire damage: An overview of the various types of tire damage, including punctures, cuts, and bulges.
  • Repair materials:An introduction to the different types of Goodyear repair materials, indluding adhesives and alternatively cement-less application by pre-heating of the repair on 70°.
  • Tools and equipment: An overview of the different tools and equipment used in tire repair.
  • Tire buffing: Hands-on experience,how to properly buff before installing the repair.
  • Proper injury preparation and skiving.
  • Patching: Hands-on experience with repair patches, including how to properly apply a patch to a tire.
  • Adhesives:Hands-on experience with different types of adhesives used in tire repair.
  • Quality control:Trainees should learn how to properly inspect a repaired tire to ensure it meets quality standards.

Overall, a tire repair training program for a retread factory should provide trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to repair damaged tires safely and effectively.The program should combine theoretical and practical training to ensure trainees have a comprehensive understanding of the tire repair process. All Rula BRW Repair Technicians have suocessfully oompleted the Training/Audit and will receive the Goodyear/Tech “Repair Specialist Certificate”.

About TECH Thermacure:

TECH Thermacure Repairs are fabric reinforced with thick cushion gum which vulcanizes to the tire in hot or cold applications-ideal for use in retreadinng as well as section repairs.

Use TECH chemicals and speciality tools for proper tire repair. 




The RULA BRW impressive factory in Berlin which produces 200 retreads per day,+/- 50.000 Tires per year in mold or pre-cure application..

Thanks to Rula BRW for a warm welcome and a great training session!

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TECH Europe Marketing Team 16/5/2023