Chemical Solutions

Mounting /  Demounting / Rim Seal

TECH’s mounting and demounting lubricants make tyre mounting and demounting easier when applied to the tyre bead and rim mating surfaces.
– TECH Bead Sealer’s extra thick formula provides an air tight seal between the wheel and the tyre beads.
– TECH lubricants are petroleum free with inhibitors to prevent rust or corrosion.
– These products are silicone free and dry tacky, preventing tyre and rim slippage.

Rubber Cleaners

TECH’s Rubber Cleaners are formulated to remove the unpleasant dirt, grease and discoloration that builds up on your rubber and tire trim. Make your tyres look as good as new!

Vulcanising Fluids & Cement

TECH Chemical Vulcanising Fluid is designed for use with all TECH™ chemical cure repair units including Uni-Seals and Permacure.
– TECH’s clear, fast dry cement provides optimum adhesion in cold (chemical) cure applications and can also be used with heat.
– TECH’s Chemical Vulcanising Fluid is CFC-free.


TECH Premium Tyre Sealant effectively seals injuries caused by puncturing objects up to 3/16″ (5mm) in size.
– Tech Liner Sealants reduce air leakage through the buffed inner tyre surface.
– Remain effective for the life of the tyre.
– TECH Tyre Sealants are biodegradable and water soluble.

Sealing Tools & Premium Tyre Sealant

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TECH Chemicals

TECH has a variety of additional products ranging from anti seize, leak detectors, mold release agents, lubricants, tyre paint, tyre talc, hand cleaners, as well as other shop cleanup products.

TECH Hand Cleaners

Our hand cleaners provide the perfect blend of sanitizing, unscented and citrus scents needed for after the job is done.