Shanghai MASERATI Racing Days was held in Jiading International Circuit, Shanghai. As MASERATI China’s contributing partner, TECH International, world’s leading producer of wheel service solutions, guaranteed tyre safety throughout the whole race.

Wheel service products such as TECH Jacks, Tyre Inflators, Tyre Mounting and Dismounting Machines, Balancer and Auto Glass Cleaner provided all-round safety for the race.

TECH Tyre Service Center had a strong presence on site, where TECH technicians offered professional balancing, mounting and dismounting services for all cars participating in the event.

TECH Tyre Inflators were a highlight product and service used during the race, providing instantaneous air pressure.

After the race, Maserati technicians used TECH Jacks to lift the body to change tyres and check underpans efficiently. Maserati’s outstanding impetus and incomparable driving control bring extraordinary test driving experience while TECH wins trust and praises of all the test drivers.