Tube and Tyre Repairs

Bias Repairs – Section Repair (BP)

TECH BP Section Repairs (BP-4 through BP-10) handle more significant tyre injuries.

– Unique Gray Cushion Gum applied for use in hot or cold applications.

– Variety of sizes available.

TECH BP bias tractor repairs provide a permanent repair of larger agricultural bias tyres.


Item Number Description Unit Of Measure Pkg Quantity
603 BP-3 BIAS 4X4 (100X100MM)BX10 BX 10
603R BP-3 THERMA 4X4(100X100)BX10 BX 10
604 BP-4 BIAS 5.3X5.3(135X135)BX10 BX 10
604R BP-4 THERMA 5.32X5.32 BX10 BX 10
605 BP-5 BIAS 6.5X6.5(165X165)BX10 BX 10
605R BP-5 THERMA 6.5X6.5 BX10 BX 10
606 BP-6 BIAS 9.6X9.6(242X242) BX5 BX 5
606R BP-6 THERMA 9.58 X 9.58 BX5 BX 5
607 BP-7 11.62X11.62(295X295) BX5 BX 5
607R BP-7 THERMA 11.63 X 11.63 BX5 BX 5
608 BP-8 13.62X13.62(344X344) BX5 BX 5
609 BP-9 BIAS 15X15(380X380) BX3 BX 3
609R BP-9 THERMA 15.13 X 15.13 BX3 BX 3
610 BP-10 BIAS 17X17(430X430) BX3 BX 3